SIS offers affordable and reliable IT support services to businesses of all sizes in northern Colorado.
We understand that our clients depend on technology to compete and grow, but rarely have an experienced IT person on staff.
Since it is often cost-restrictive to employ full-time IT staff, businesses outsource their IT support to the IT experts.

That’s where SIS comes in. Our obligation is to analyze and offer the best and most appropriate business class technology recommendations.
SIS strives to be partners with our customers – not just an IT vendor.

Network Design
Server & PC Support Emergency Response
Wireless Solutions
Managed IT Services
Moves & Relocation


SIS is dedicated to helping your organization realize the maximum value of your cloud computing initiative

Cloud Computing is defined as ‘the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the internet). Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation.

In today’s increasingly mobile workforce, many companies are looking to the cloud to meet their business needs. Cloud computing allows company employees to work from virtually anywhere by providing employees access to their data and collaboration tools wherever they have internet access.

At SIS we find it essential to offer cloud computing technology to the business community of Northern Colorado and beyond so that businesses can keep up with the ever changing technology landscape.

SIS provides Private Cloud Technology that features custom cloud infrastructure designed by SIS engineers for an individual organization that can be managed internally or by our experienced technicians. These solutions leverage virtualization and central storage technology to provide high availability environments that minimize or reduce the risk of server downtime in today’s demanding business world.

SIS also offers Microsoft Office 365, a secure anywhere access to email, calendars, Office web apps, instant messaging conferencing, file sharing, and more.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping your organization realize the maximum value of your cloud computing initiative. We look forward to helping you leverage the benefits of Office 365 or a private virtual cloud to establish your organization’s presence within the cloud.

Get the value, power, and simplicity of Microsoft Office 365 at a price that any small business can afford

Contact SIS today for a Cloud Readiness Assessment and free 30-day trial offer from Office 365.


Our clients trust that their networks are reliable and secure

SIS team of engineers have time-tested procedures for designing, installing, and maintaining network systems. They use a process-based approach to build a powerful, yet cost-effective architecture.

SIS comprehensive set of network services ensure our clients that their networks are reliable and secure, including:

Network Design

SIS will plan the most efficient way to build a scalable computer network to meet your specific needs. We utilize wired, wireless, and other network infrastructures. The total solution that we develop is the most cost-effective approach to meet your long-term needs. SIS also plans and executes upgrades for existing networks. SIS networks are fully scalable and designed for today and tomorrow. We analyze your current and long-term business strategy and we design a network that fits both.

Hardware Management

SIS knows how important hardware decisions are in building reliable and productive networks. We will analyze your current network infrastructure and develop a solution that will meet both current and future needs.

Network Site Assessment

SIS will diagram your network, analyze every workstation/server, document our findings, and, if necessary, make recommendations for improvement.

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection

In our interconnected world, few networks are totally safe. SIS network security engineers will install firewall appliances then proactively, routinely, and remotely monitor your network to protect from virus attacks and attempted intrusion.


No network operates at its full potential unless it is wired correctly. Our engineers will plan and install your cable down to the last connector.


Businesses need to be proactive when it comes to protecting
their critical business data

Today businesses need to be proactive when it comes to protecting their critical business data. Sophisticated techniques used by viruses and hackers can effortlessly halt business for hours or days. Security risks can also be internal and lead to lost data or even crippled workstations or networks.

Be proactive and stay safe.

SIS provides proactive management of network perimeter security. Comprehensive and affordable managed security solutions enables businesses to focus your resources on core operations – while maintaining peace-of-mind that your information assets are being watched over. Our certified Network Security Analysts will proactively and routinely monitor your network. We build secure firewalls, ensuring the safety of your critical data and vital communications.

SIS offers a wide choice of solutions.

SIS provides our clients with the analysis and tools needed to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, deletion, or changes to their IT infrastructures. We offer a wide choice of solutions and monthly rates, based on your business size and needs, including:


Managed Firewall & Reporting

Intrusion Detection/Prevention System

Gateway Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Prevention

Web Content Filtering

VPN remote access

Email Spam Filtering

Security Policy Development

To prevent

Internet Attacks

Viruses, Spyware, & Malware

Phishing & Identity Theft

Inappropriate Work Web Content

Lost Productivity & Downtime

Professional Security Solutions Offerings

Firewall Implementations

Security Audits

Security Policy Review

Business Continuity Planning

Remote Access

Server & PC Support

Our job is to make sure your computers and networks are running
at optimum performance

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services (MITS) augment our Network Analysts services by providing 24x7 monitoring, reporting, anti-virus software, remote access, patch management, and much more.

Internet Connectivity

SIS can assist with & support various Internet Service Providers, connection types, email services, firewalls, switches, and other internet related services.

Workstation Maintenance

SIS provides workstation support, patch management, protection resources, and optimization to keep your staff productive & efficient

Desktop Application Support

SIS both supports and acts on your behalf as a vendor liaison for your critical business applications such as Microsoft Office - offering a locally-staffed Help Desk plus onsite support.

Server Maintenance

Server infrastructure is the core of your business. SIS offers routine maintenance plans that will increase uptime, performance, and lifespan providing a better return on your investment.

Technology Integration

Get the most from new technology. SIS will make sure you have the proper infrastructure in place to support the latest technology including virtualization, cloud, wireless, backup, high speed recovery, and more.

Wireless Networks

SIS provides solutions for secure, scalable, cost effective wireless

Wireless Coverage

Business Class wireless solutions can create a wireless mesh indoor or outdoor where multiple AP’s work together to provide complete roaming coverage. These intelligent solutions scale dynamically to easily add AP’s as needed or demand grows!

Wireless Standards

Modern wireless solutions can support speeds up to 1.3Gbps and are generally backwards compatible with your older devices.

Wireless Density

Wireless user/device density is often overlooked in the design phase. SIS provides analysis and heatmaps to ensure both coverage and high density areas like conference rooms or auditoriums have the right service levels for happy users.

Wireless Management

Coverage isn't always the problem. Ensure your wireless solution has modern management tools and features for troubleshooting. This helps administrators support users quickly and easily.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How quickly your backup solution can recover your production data matters

How long can your business operate without your production servers running? How much does server downtime cost your business? How is your essential business data protected in case of a disaster or facilities loss? Let SIS assist you with designing a solution that meets your unique business needs and requirements.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO is a targeted time for how long your business can be without your production data or services where the cost of a recovery solution is less than the business loss. This is where all Backup & Recovery conversations need to start in order to ensure the business needs for uptime are being met.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

There are many different options available today that allow for a variety of different RTO's to be met. Let SIS help find the backup solution that best matches your business with a balance of cost and recovery time.

Offsite Backup

Having an offsite copy of your production data is essential. SIS can provide several paths to getting your data offsite in case of a true disaster or facilities loss. Cloud recovery, automation, rapid failover solutions are all available to match your business needs.

Potential threats to your data:

  • Hackers/cyber crime
  • Viruses & worms
  • Natural disasters
  • Loss of utilities
  • Equipment failure
  • Sabotage or terrorism
  • Angry employees
  • Computer theft
  • Human error
  • File corruption
  • Accidental deletion
  • Faulty tape storage

Managed IT Services

The perfect combination of automation & personal support

Managed IT Services is a software agent installed on each computer to provide additional monitoring and alerts when SIS technicians are not onsite or performing maintenance. Additionally, it provides a suite of other products and services that include AV/Malware protection, asset reporting, remote access, and site administration tools.

24x7 device and service monitoring & alerts

Business Class Cloud Managed Anti-Virus software

Logmein Pro remote access software

MalwareBytes Anti-Spyware software

Windows and 3rd party software patch management

Powerful Cloud scripting engine for administration tasks

Automated temp file deletion

Asset inventory reports

Software change reports

Monthly Executive reports

Moves & Relocation Management

SIS offers an end-to-end solution – from moving an entire office
to relocating a data center

Moving or relocating your office(s) is a stressful undertaking. Even a company with an in-house IT department can find itself overwhelmed with numerous tasks. SIS has strong relationships with key partners and together, we offer you an end-to-end solution – from moving an entire office to relocating a data center, including:

24x7 device and service monitoring & alerts

Business Class Cloud Managed Anti-Virus software

Logmein Pro remote access software

MalwareBytes Anti-Spyware software

Windows and 3rd party software patch management

Telco/ISP selection & transition

Reconfigure routers, switches, IP addresses, DNS, etc.

Coordinate the physical move

Reassembly & setup

Testing & troubleshooting