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Pawnee Leasing

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great support that SIS gives us on a weekly basis. Case in point, we had a significant virus issue the week our IT Manager was on vacation. Without the dedicated work of the SIS team the day it happened, we would have had a VERY serious interruption of our business!

Thanks for all of your support and for your expertise in working us through our challenges and our routine projects.”


“As a small business when I have technical problems it’s important to address them as quickly as possible. When I call SIS they are here.”

Brayden Automation

“My experience with SIS has always been first rate! I’m always impressed by the depth of knowledge that the team has and how quickly they solve my problems. Everyone here at Brayden Automation is programmed to “Call SIS” whenever there is something serious going on. SIS has always been a great investment. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys!”

The Group

“The team at SIS goes far beyond providing Internet and email services for our company. They are great at coming up with new ideas to make our business more effective and they don’t just act upon our requests.”

Partnerships & Alliances

We believe in the power of collaboration and connection. Stratus Information Systems (SIS) partners to combine diverse and best-in-class solutions. With us, you choose only the tools you need, leaving out what isn’t necessary. Finally, we gurantee that your company’s needs will be managed from end-to-end without compromising efficiency.

We are trusted by the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and and retailers to provide the best of what purpose built technology can make possible for you.

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